Elite Wrestling Club

Welcome, Olympic style wrestling for junior & senior aged athletes

Core Lifestyle & Recreational Complex
401 and New Dundee

Elite Wrestling Club and Waterloo Regional Matmen Wrestling are focused on providing the best coaching and wrestling environment for athletes of all ages. Our goal at Elite Wrestling Club is to allow college and university aged athletes to continue to wrestle. Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and the surrounding regions in the Tri-City area produces and has some of the best athletes and individuals and we want to show the rest of the province and country what we can do.

Post secondary schools such as Wilford Laurier, University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College do not currently offer a wrestling program. For those wanting to compete and train at a competitve level, this makes it extremely difficult and most athletes either quit or leave this region.

  1. * No experience required
  2. * Experienced & Professional coaches with elite athletic and coaching credentials
  3. * Men & women welcome
  4. * No egos or attitudes
  5. * Fun & family friendly environment
  6. * Build strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, agility, and overall confidence
  7. * Learn high level technical wrestling skills for competition or self-defence

You can train to get in shape or compete at a competitive level with our dedicated coaches and athletes. Stay active, have fun, build friendships, and increase your fitness level with us.

Building Champions

Tournament entries & travel are available to our competitive athletes for the following types of competitions. Some entries are based on skill level, athletic ability, fitness, and national rankings.

  1. * University Open & other open tournaments
  2. * Provincal Championships
  3. * National Championships
  4. * International Championships & Training camps
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